Meet the makers : John Distilleries

Paul John Single Malts are the master creations of John Distilleries. Established in 1996, John Distilleries grew to be a leading Alcobev company in a decade, not just in India but across the globe. Under the able guidance of the Chairman, Paul P. John the company owns a strong portfolio of brands across categories including Whisky, Brandy, Rum, Premium Wines and Single Malts. The flagship brand of the company, Original Choice, is one of the top selling brands in India’s popular whisky segment and is one of the top 10 selling whiskies worldwide, with sales exceeding 11 million cases a year.

Paul P. John’s personal passion for single malts leads him to create the Paul John Indian Single Malts. Launched in international markets, every expression of his single malts has won immense appreciation and several acclaimed international awards.   


Within the inestimable mysteries of these liquid sunshine, lies the veracity of The Great Indian Single Malts. Marching along with his combatants with head held high wasn’t a tranquil passage. Mr. Paul P John, Chairman of JDL, wanted to create an Indian Single Malt which would embrace all the emotions and indigenous ingredients. Guided by his singular passion, tomes of wisdom and the extraordinary skill of his Master Distiller Michael D’Souza; they had set forth on the journey to create the multiplicities of the marvels. With each sip, you must be engulfed with the fervor and expressions of Great India.

Paul P John ventured into the alcohol beverage industry in 1992 and within a short span of just over a decade, his reach spread from his headquarters in Bangalore, Karnataka expanded to all neighboring states. Today the Company is the 4th largest liquor company in the country. His zeal to surpass the ordinary led him to create a range of exceptional single malts, fine whiskies & wines.

From Goa with LOVE!

Calm, serene, yet incredibly full of life, Goa is seeped in history. Some believe that the fabled Silk Route wound its way to its coast. And the lure of spices brought the Arabs, the Portuguese and other travelers to its shores. Goa welcomed them all with open arms, offering them the adventure and riches they sought. With its rich colonial heritage, white sand beaches, gurgling backwaters, pleasantly charming people and an atmosphere of general cheer, Goa is not a place to be rushed. Much like a good Single Malt. That’s why we chose this beautiful tropical coast to craft our Single Malts. The many personalities of Goa are captured in each of our creations. The warm temperatures truly help mature the whiskies faster. Giving them their own, signature flavourss. 

The Great Indian Single Malt Story

Global Presence

The Great Indian Single Malt has traveled far and wide, and is now available in over 35 countries across the world.

Check the list below to discover if we’re present in your country or region. If we aren’t there already, we’re working on it and we’ll be there soon!