Tasting at St Andrews Whisky Society, UK

  • 10:00, United Kingdom,St Andrews
Paul John Whisky and St Andrews Whisky Society invite you to an evening showcasing exquisite Paul John Single Malt expressions on 15th February. Come over, join us for a dram and enjoy the vivid brilliance of India in every sip!


The various expressions of The Great Indian Single Malt is the fusion of the four elements. Each bottle has a significant characteristic of its own and is not bottled blonde. Currently producing about seven to eight varieties, the journey towards creating the most sumptuous whiskey began with Brilliance followed by Edited and Bold expressions of whisky. With 46% ABV, the non-chilled Brilliance is a non-peated whisky, Edited has a hint of peat, while Bold is the epitome of being a peated whisky.

The Select Casks Whiskies are drawn from select casks hereby gaining a distinct character, the single casks is unique and has limited availability while the rarities- Kanya and Oloroso is a blend of intense flavours, all of which draws us closer to the land of its origination-India. As the full-fledged production is done in India, the case of peat which adds to the smokiness is imported from Scotland. Thus fulfilling the pious journey into the making The Great Indian Single Malt. In spite of winning more than 100+ awards in 5 years and 25 gold plus award for each expression, Paul John aims to fulfil all your celebration with a glass of whisky and a dash of panache.









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