Merrier Times With The Great Indian Single Malt

Fresh aromas of Christmas plum cake, sweet Christmas carols, the merry jingle pf bells, family dinners, and discovering the perfect Christmas gifts for your loved ones is just some of the fun this joyous season is all about. And for someone who relishes a fine dram of whisky, Paul John Single Malt is indeed an ideal choice as a Christmas gift especially because we have a fine range of single malt whiskies that caters to all palates.

Merrier Times With The Greate Indian Single Malt

Paul John single malts range from unpeated to peated, select casks to limited editions and much more, all created in consideration of the preferences whisky lovers have when it comes to sipping on a single malt whisky. Paul John whisky has no artificial coloring, have no added flavours and are non chill-filtered.

Limited Christmas Edition 2022 perfect partner for Christmas celebrations

The holiday season is around the corner, and we at Paul John could not be more thrilled. Christmas is our favorite season of the year, as we celebrate the arrival of our annual highly anticipated limited Paul John Christmas Editions. The first edition was launched in 2018 and for every year ever since our Christmas Editions have been awaited and enjoyed across nations. This year, the Paul John Christmas Edition 2022 offers rich aromas of sweet oak, dry spices, baked apples, peaches that are elevated with dark chocolate flavours.

Declared 'Christmas in a bottle' by whisky fans, Paul John Christmas Edition 2022 presents notes of orange dark chocolate, blended with light peppery spice, delicious plum cake and butterscotch.

Each year we are motivated to create a finer version of the previous edition. Striving to constantly offer an amalgamation of different notes, soft flavours and a deep, lingering texture that gifts you a Christmas memory that stays with you.

Merrier Times With The Greate Indian Single Malt

Paul John single malts for your Christmas celebrations

Apart from our Christmas Editions, Paul John whisky offers a surfeit of single malts that caters to all palates. Our core single malt expressions that are sure to go beautifully with your Christmas celebrations are the flagships - Paul John BRILLIANCE and Paul John BOLD.

If you enjoy peated whisky, then Paul John BOLD is the ideal choice for you. But if you do not prefer peat in your single malt, then our Paul John BRILLIANCE is the one for you. Our Select Cask range offers exclusive choices as well. Paul John Oloroso with soft, delicate notes and intense flavours is finished in Oloroso casks while Paul John Pedro Ximénez finished in Pedro Ximenez sherry casks entails hints of apricot, fig and banana. So if you want to a unique and exclusive experience then our unique sherry cask finished single malts are meant for you.

Merrier Times With The Greate Indian Single Malt

And if you are new to the world of single malts, fear not! Paul John NIRVANA is the favourite amongst whisky connoisseurs and amateurs alike. With rich honeycomb bourbon notes, blended with fruitcake and a faint whiff of delicious caramel pudding, Nirvana ensures its flavours are an ode to your Christmas celebrations.

In less than a decade Paul John whiskies have bagged over 300 prestigious awards in the whisky world. From being awarded the Liquid Gold Award by Jim Murray's Whisky Bible, to the Best Asian Whisky Award, to Chairman's Trophy by the Ultimate Spirits Challenge and plenty more, Paul John whisky has proven to be the greatest Indian single malt in the world.

Entice your senses and palates by partnering your Christmas celebrations with a dram of our legendary single malt whiskies. Hoping you have a great Christmas filled with hope, delight and a Paul John whisky by your side.