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Paul John Distillery, Goa

Age old culture, lush tropical mangroves with glorious beaches, delectable cuisines and kind hospitality, Goa always has an extraordinary enchantment in its air. That's probably why Goa is not just a place but a whole experience. And that's why Goa is home to our Single Malts.

Set by the west coast of India, Goa is steeped in history. With its rich colonial heritage, white sand beaches, gurgling backwaters, pleasantly charming people and an atmosphere of general cheer, Goa is not a place to be rushed. Much like a good Single Malt. That's why we chose this beautiful tropical coast to craft our Single Malts. The many characteristics of Goa are captured in each of our creations. Moreover, the tropical clime and humidity truly help mature the whiskies faster, giving them their own, signature character. Water is one of the most important ingredients in the making of whisky and the pure underground table of water in Goa, along with rain-fed water sources and water flowing through the Western Ghats that are naturally filtered through the Goan wetlands, ensure the quality of our whiskies, with its perfect balance of minerals.

Paul John Single Malt is a unique combination of Indian 6-row barley, water from the Western Ghats, new-age technologies and passion. Distilled and matured in Goa, the high angel share here of 8 - 10 % per annum which accelerates the maturation of the whisky tremendously. The liquid is matured in carefully selected charred American white oak barrels, which are stored in two different warehouses, giving the whisky its own character and each cask its own flavour.


Perfecting the art of creating fine single malts is the passion of a true master.

Michael Dsouza, the Master Distiller of the award-winning Paul John Indian Single Malts, started his career at the age of 21 years. Always having been fascinated with the making of alcohol, especially whisky, he chose to pursue a career in the alcohol industry soon after completing his education. The ride has been great over the years, and his passion bore fruit when he became a whisky maker in 2009.

Michael constantly strives to ensure that the rare and exquisite character of every expression he creates, is revealed. Embodied with excellent skills, craft and tremendous passion, Michael was recognized as the 'Master Distiller/Master Blender of the year 2017' at the Icons of Whisky India Awards.

Keeping in mind the symbolic relationship between each and every whisky, the master produces the liquid of life which is perfect to its last dram.

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