Paul John Indian Single Malt

The various expressions of Paul John whisky are the artistic fusion of Barley, Water, & American Oak Casks and each expression has a significant character of its own.

The journey to create the most sumptuous whisky lead to a family of 7 core expressions. BRILLIANCE, EDITED and BOLD are our flagship expressions. With 46% ABV, the BRILLIANCE is a non-peated whisky, EDITED has a hint of peat, while BOLD is the epitome of a peated whisky. The Select Casks whiskies are drawn from selected cask profiles and have a distinct and unique character. The CLASSIC is an elegant masterpiece from selected casks while the PEATED offers delicious wafts of peat. The Oloroso and PX expressions as part of our Select Cask range and are bottled at 48% ABV. Paul John OLOROSO, finished in Oloroso casks, owns sublime flavours reminiscent of dark chocolate and Melton Hunt Cake while the PEDRO XIMÉNEZ comes with layered aromas of fig, apricot and hints of banana. These whiskies owe their flavours to the handpicked Oloroso and Pedro Ximénez sherry casks in which they are finished.

NIRVANA is an unpeated expression bottled at an ABV of 40% and is an expression for those willing and keen to experience single malts, especially for the first time. Its exotic richness is sure to captivate whisky connoisseurs and amateurs equally.

We believe in taking the hitherto untrodden trail and often experimenting with different cask finishes, creating rarities. The OLOROSO, a limited edition, was the result of such an effort. This soft delicate single malt enriched with intense flavours, was finished in Oloroso casks and is a definite choice for any whisky enthusiast's collection.

In 2018, Paul John whisky launched The MARS ORBITER. A commemorative expression to honour India's successful space mission, the launch of the Indian space probe to Mars.

The Paul John Zodiac series celebrates Indian Astrology. Each Zodiac release by Paul John Whisky, possess characteristics unique to that zodiac sign. And the first to be launched of this series is the KANYA by Paul John. Ruled by Mercury and symbolised by the virgin, Kanya is the dignified Indian counterpart of the highly appealing Virgo, the sixth zodiac sign of the universe. With its earthy, feminine sensuousness, this deep amber expression personifies the intrinsic characteristics of the KANYA. This exquisite expression was declared Asian Whisky of the Year.

The second release in the Zodiac series Mithuna by Paul John, was declared as the World's 3rd Finest Whisky! At 58% ABV, Mithuna by Paul John is non chill-filtered, unpeated, matured in American virgin oak casks and finished in ex-bourbon casks. Named after the Indian counterpart of the 3rd zodiac sign Gemini, Mithuna by Paul John with tints of old oak, offers a nose of liquorice and gentle beeswax with notes of ulmo honey and vanilla. On the palate are chewy flavours of coffee mocha, orange peel, and delicate spice on tannins. This single malt offers a long finish with multi-toned sugars and honey, ensuring a captivating and memorable experience.

Our limited Christmas Edition series is a much awaited release every year by whisky lovers across the world. Paul John Christmas Edition 2018 was the first release, followed by an exclusive release every year since.

Created in India, Paul John Whisky has won more than 300 awards in less than a decade and continues to strive to enrich the experience of every sip.



The production of the finest Single Malt Indian Whisky has its ABV craftfully, Single Cask of 48% and 55.5% ABV, Kanya and Mithuna at 50%ABV

Six-Row Barley

The Indian 6-Row Barley is used to create the unique flavour profile of Paul John Single malts. Sourced from across the vast lands of Rajasthan to the verdant foothills of the Himalayas.

Non Chill-Filtered

The non chill-filtered factor of the Paul John Indian Single Malt, enables it to produce a 100% natural flavoured whisky without any added preservatives or colours.

No Added Flavour or Colour

The Great Indian Single Malt takes pride in being 100% natural with no added colours or flavours. The whisky is produced in its finest form to cater to its finest clientele.


Water is another major ingredient in the making of single malts and we use the pure underground table of water along with rain-fed water sources. We also use water flowing through the Western Ghats, which is naturally filtered through Goan wetlands.

Pot Stills

Our Copper pot-stills, custom-made exclusively for Paul John whisky in India, were specially designed with long necks to create fruitier spirits.


Imported charred American Oak barrels and Sherry Cask barrels are used for the aging of the new make spirit. These oaks add on to the flavour, aroma and colour of the Indian Single Malt whisky.

Goa Tropical Climate

The rows of palm trees, tropical sultry climate and fresh rainwater flowing through the coastline of the Western Ghats; produces an enticing whisky taste, encapsulating the essence of India. The angel share in Goa is 8%, thus enabling a faster maturation.

Most Awarded Indian Whisky

Paul John Whisky is the most awarded Indian single malt with 300+ accolades. Crafted with precision, each sip is a journey through unparalleled quality and flavour.