Paul John Single Malt Peated Expressions

Paul John, The Great Indian Single Malt presents 3 expressions with unique peated notes. Peat is unique to the Scottish Isles and is the ingredient in the Whisky making process that gives it a unique woody, burnt and smoky flavour.

Peat is earth that consists of grasses, moss, tree roots, dead animals and soil that has become tightly compacted over thousands of years. Large parts of Scotland are covered with peat bogs. These peat layers have been formed over a period of 1000 to 5000 years can be up to several meters thick.

Historically peat was used as a form of fuel especially in the whisky industry. Peat is cut in small slices and piled up into small pyramids for drying. The water drains off the peat very fast and turns the soft slices into hard briquettes. Similar to coal, these briquettes contain the energy of the dead plants.

The damp malt is dried over a peat heated fire in a kiln. Peat is so tightly compacted and dense that it burns for a long time and with consistent heat and acrid smoke which is absorbed by the malted barley. The level of smoky flavour is controlled by the length of time that the barley is exposed to the smoke, the amount of smoke produced and the type of peat used. The smoke that has been absorbed is then carried through the entire whisky making process and right in to your glass.

Peat is different in different parts of Scotland and hence the source of the peat greatly influences the flavour of the whisky. Some of these give a more “woody” taste and the others give a more "medicinal" taste, some are light while others are heavily smoky.

Paul John Single Malt gets its peat right from the Scottish regions of Islay and Aberdeen.

Islay is a small island off the west coast of the mainland and its peat is fed on a constant diet of rain and sea spray, it is particularly pungent and adds a strong smoky, earthy taste with a touch of salty seaweed. Aberdeen is in the Scottish highlands and the smokiness of its peat is lighter than that from Islay.

EDITED, BOLD & PEATED Select Cask are the 3 expressions that Paul John Single Malt brings to you with distinct peated flavours.

EDITED has a hint of peat from Aberdeen and Islay regions. When you taste it, the grassy flavours of barley show up first, but gently make way for subtle peat notes. They slowly dissolve and pave the way for a rush of mint and mocha. This expression has won many awards like Chairman's Trophy from Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2018, San Francisco Double Gold Awards 2017, The Spirits Business Gold Award 2015 & 2016, etc.

Paul John Single Malt Peated Expressions

BOLD is a fully peated whisky. Here the peat is sourced exclusively from Islay. This melt in your mouth malt delivers silky oak like honey and a wave of spice followed by cloudy, smoky feel that coats the roof of the mouth and leaves a tidal wave of dry molasses, peaty soot and a degree of copper in its wake. BOLD has won Best Overseas Whisky from Oran Mor 2018, Wizards of Whisky Gold Award in 2016, 2017 & 2018, San Francisco Best Other Whisky 2017, San Francisco Double Gold Awards 2017, Gold Medal Spirits Selection 2016 etc.

Paul John Single Malt Peated Expressions

PEATED Select Cask is a heavily peated whisky for which peat is procured from Islay & Aberdeen. This lends itself to a surprising smoke tinged sweetness and delicious peat as the finishing taste notes. This expression from Paul John Single Malts has won the maximum number of awards like, Asian Whisky of the Year 2018 - Wizards of Whisky, Best Indian Single Malt - World Whisky Award 2017, San Francisco Double Gold Awards 2017, Chairman's Trophy from Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2017, Best International Whisky - Swiss Whisky Award 2018, Gold Medal Spirits Selection 2016, Spirits Business Gold Award 2016, Wizards of Whisky Gold Award in 2016, 2017, 2018 etc.

Paul John Single Malt Peated Expressions

Paul John Single Malt uses traditional processes to bring to you the best of peated whiskies with the most complex of palates.

Paul John Single Malt Peated Expressions

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