Single Malt And Fish Tikka Pairing

Ajwaini Fish Tikka Pairing with Paul John Single Malt Whisky.

We are pairing Paul John BRILLIANCE Single Malt with the delicious Ajwaini Fish Tikka also known as the carom seed fish tikka. Paul John BRILLIANCE comes from the sunny state of Goa, India.

Whisky Taste: The nose has got a lot of woodiness, unpeated and has a citrus nose to it. The flavor attack is of sweet spices and has a beautiful finish.

The fish chosen for this dish is seer fish, which is easily available everywhere. The spices added to the fish are coriander, coriander roots, carom seeds, ginger, garlic, green chili, a bit of curd, a bit of hung yogurt. The flavor of the fish is an herbaceous marinade.

On pairing the kebab with the BRILLIANCE edition of Paul John; the subtle honey sweetness that comes in from the whisky cuts cleanly through the herbaceous flavors and the chili or the spices from the kebab.

The sweet citrus notes also provide a clean finish to this experience. It's beautiful.

While the Paul John goes very well with the Ajwaini Fish Tikka, go out there, find your own pairing. Enjoy this great Whisky.


Chef Manjit Singh.