Single Malt And Veg Kebab Pairing

Chef : Nimish Bhatia.

We are pairing Paul John EDITED Single Malt with delicious vegetarian kebabs. Paul John EDITED comes from the sunny state of Goa and Bharwan Aloo (Stuffed potatoes) comes from Punjab, India.

The Kebab is made of potato which has got a filling of potatoes, some raisins, saffron, and a little bit of dairy in it with some green peas.

Chef: I find the kebab and the whisky, complementing each other, where the nice raisins in the kebab, the mild smoked flavours of the kebab combines very good with the mild peaty tones in the whisky.

Layers of textures in the kebab lend the whisky a fulsome finish on the palate.

The nuttiness of the sesame in the kebab draws out the woodiness in the whisky and the raisins in the kebab enhances the caramel notes from the whisky.