Single Malt And Lamb Seekh Kebab Pairing

Chef : Chef Manjit Singh, India.

We are pairing Paul John Indian Single Malt BOLD with delicious Lamb Seekh Kebab.

Whisky Taste - the whisky has a lovely smoky, peat, liquorice-like nose and initial flavour that you can get from this is the smokiness, a honey-sweetness. It has some sweet spices and a lot of smokiness.

The lamb Seekh kebab is basically minced lamb, which has high fat content to keep it moister. It has got a lot of herbs, some green chills and the crunch of the onions lends very well to the kebab.

When paired with Paul John Bold Single Malt, the inherent smokiness that's present in the Paul John BOLD goes very well with the Lamb Seekh Kebab.


Location Courtesy: Masala Dani, The Paul Bangalore.