Single Malt And Veg Seekh Pairing

We are pairing Paul John BRILLIANCE Single Malt with delicious Vegetarian Seekh Kebab.

Paul John BRILLIANCE comes from the sunny state of Goa and the Vegetarian Seekh Kebab comes from central India.

Whisky Taste: some demerara sugar, hint of cinnamon, also some hints of Honey. It's crisp on the palate with mild spices and a tinge of vanilla and coco.

The kebab is basically a lot of farm fresh vegetables, carrots, beans, cauliflower, peas, corn and peanuts. The ingredients are cooked with mild Indian spices and finished in the tandoor to get a smoky flavor.

This combination seems like a pairing in contrast, both the single malt and the kebab hold on their own. The kebab brings out the vanilla notes in the single malt and one can taste the fresh flavors of kebab through the single malt as well.


Chef Nimish Bhatiya.